How to Apply Flea and Tick Treatment

Applying a flea and tick treatment improperly may result in the product not working as well, or not working for the duration of time stated on the packaging. Each product will come with instructions for proper application, and should be followed very closely. Read the instructions and ensure you understand them prior to application.

Placement Location

The most important aspect of applying any topical flea and tick treatment is to ensure the product gets on the pet’s skin. It can be difficult to part the fur and get down to the skin, but if this is not done, it will result in decreased efficacy. If using a flea and tick collar, it must fit snugly in order to come into contact with the pet’s skin as they move. However, it is important to remember not to have the collar on too tightly, as to no constrict the throat.


Once the fur has been parted in the designated area (often in between the shoulder blades),squeeze the contents of the tube directly onto the skin. Do not rub it in or spread it around, simply allow the dog’s skin to absorb it. Natural movements from the dog will disperse the product. It is also important not to allow other pets or children to come into contact with the product after application.


Some flea and tick non-toxic treatment state that bathing is okay, but one thing to keep in mind is bathing prior to application. A common mistake pet owners make is bathing a pet just prior to application. This may result in decreased efficacy. A pet’s natural skin oils help disperse flea and tick products, and if these oils are washed away, the product cannot perform properly. Bathe a pet no less than two days prior to a treatment application. Wait at least another two days after applying to bathe the pet, if the product states bathing is permissible. Using a mild, soap-free pet shampoo will also help ensure the product doesn’t lose efficacy.

Other Flea and Tick Treatments

For flea and tick treatments in shampoo, spray, or powder form, read all instructions carefully to ensure the product is being applied properly. Some require skin contact for a certain duration of time, others may require application in certain intervals. As a general rule, most products work best when in contact with the skin, as fleas must feed on pets through the skin. It is also where the eggs and larvae are commonly found. If those are not killed, they will hatch into adults.

Men Grooming Tips

Men care about their appearance more then they let on. They want to look good without trying to make it seem like they care about looking good. There are some great men body groomer tips that every man should follow.

Take Care of Body Hair

A man does not have to be hairless but there are some places where he should take note of excess body hair. If a man has back hair he should have this removed. He can try to do it himself or seek the assistance of a professional. There are some trimming devices that can help a man take care of excess hair on other places including his chest. There are even some male waxing services that can help a man look well groomed, Click here.

Get a Trim

A man should get his hear trimmed every couple of weeks. Even if a man has longer hair he needs to get it trimmed in order to keep it from looking shaggy. Getting frequent hair cuts will allow a man to keep his scene of style. Going a month of more without getting a hair cut is way too long.

Trim Hidden Hair

It is not uncommon for a man to have nose hair or ear hair. He needs to be aware of the hair growing in these areas and make sure that it is trimmed on a regular basis. Men as young as the age of 30 will begin to have extra hair growing out of their nose and earns. They may ignore this area but it will have a harmful look on their style. They need to be sure to trim this hair often.

These are just some grooming tips for men. Following these tips will help a man stay good looking and will make him more appealing to women.

How Does a Garment Steamer Work

Operating a garment steamer is not a complex affair. The steamer cleaner works by turning regular tap water into steam. It allows the steam to blow to the wrinkled materials in the washer.
The steam loosens the bonds found between the long polymer molecules of the fabric. It reduces the appearance of the wrinkles.
A typical steamer consists of a water tank, long metal rod, heating element, and a rubber hose with an attached brush, see The brush removes the lint and hair.
Water is added to the tank and is heated. It is allowed to boil till it turns to vapor. Apply the steam to the garment through the hose pipe using soft and sweeping movements.
The next step is hanging the garments on a regular cloth hanger or metal rod to dry.

Types Of Garment Steamers

Garment steamers come in various sizes. There are big sized steamer machines. They have a large water tank and are more effective especially for commercial cleaners. Additionally, there are travel-sized steamers that are compact and hand-held versions. They consist of a small tank that is connected directly to the steam blower. However, it does not have a rod or hose.
The time taken for a steamer to remove the wrinkles varies on factors such as the level of wrinkling and the type of material. Dense materials take long to smooth compared to light and porous materials. Polyester takes additional time to smooth out click this link.
The steam power of the machine plays a major role. Steamers that use 200-100 electricity watts are more effective. Smaller and lightweight steamers have less power compared to the big ones.
The size of the water tank of the steamer determines the amount of steam produced without the need to refill. The smaller the tanker, the little amount of steam it produces thereby prompting a refill.

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Car Warranties: What They Cover And What They Don’t Cover

What Are Car Warranties?

car-warrantyEvery year, millions of people purchase auto warranties for their trucks, vans, and cars. Before you drive off the lot in that brand new vehicle, making sure you have an extended car warranty for your car, truck, or van is very important should your vehicle receive any type of damage. It is also essential that you fully understand which parts of your vehicle and what kind of damage your vehicle warranty will cover. Warranties are not completely fool proof, nor are their contracts a catch all in the case that your vehicle breaks down or is severely damaged. The only thing keeping you from making a major mistake while purchasing an auto warranty is your own research and common sense.

What Do Warranties Cover?

When you first purchase a vehicle warranty for your car, you will more than likely receive a basic warranty package and bumper to bumper coverage. A basic warranty will probably cover almost everything on your vehicle, while a bumper to bumper warranty will completely cover your auto for a certain number of years or a certain amount of mileage. However, a bumper to bumper warranty is usually void by the time your vehicle reaches more than 60,000 miles or lasts more than five years.

Other common vehicle warranties include the power train and used auto warranty. The power train warranty offers decade long coverage for your vehicle, but the warranty only covers the vehicle parts that are unlikely to break, such as your transmission, engine, and drive shaft. A used car warranty is purchased when you buy a used vehicle. However, the used car is still under its previous warranty and your purchase price will include the amount of time remaining on the original warranty. You can buy an extended auto warranty for your used vehicle, but you will have to buy from a third party dealer ship or seller, not your regular dealer ship or car manufacturer.

What Do Warranties Not Cover?

While a car warranty coverage may cover the basics of your vehicle, there are many damages and parts of your car that the majority of warranties will not cover. Tires, window wipers, belts, hoses, and oil filters are usually not covered or protected by most warranties. Additional accessories such as engine modifications, stereos, DVD players, and wireless headphone systems are considered extras and are not covered by warranties, while seat belts and headlights may also present an issue with your vehicle warranty. Also, be extra careful the the maintenance of your car. Many warranties do not cover auto repair or check up, but they give out free offers for vehicle repair and maintenance.

Before you buy a warranty, make sure you do extensive research. Take in consideration not only your car, truck, or van, but also the various components and extras it may contain. Never accept warranties from three party dealer ships who do not have good reputation for sell auto warranties. This is especially true for used auto warranties; many people have fell victim to used auto warranty fraud.

Counting Memory Foam Sheep!

For many people, the best part about waking up is going right back to sleep that evening. Sadly, there are many reasons why a decent night’s rest eludes thousands every day: insomnia, babies, or, most of all, bad mattresses. While babies will be babies, and insomnia is a bit more time consuming to cure, there are things one can do about a bad mattress, and the number one step many are taking today is switching to a memory foam mattress!


Memory Foam5Memory foam mattresses are advanced technology that allows a person to rest with minimal movement and even weight distribution one could not get from a regular foam memory with springs. The foam is energy absorbent, so when weight is placed upon it, it molds to the shape and holds it stationary as it rests.


In the late 1960’s, NASA invented a material suitable for the cushioning in the seats of the spacecraft. After the first flight, the new “memory foam” became standard in bike helmets, shoes, and even prosthetics! Not much later, the foam made its way into the bedrooms of people from all walks of life.


The question about the memory foam mattress is, “Does it actually give someone a better night’s rest?” Several tests have been done to answer this question, and the result is that the memory foam mattress can improve the quality of rest. This is due to the fact that memory foam mattresses give more than any other mattress; therefore, each line of the body is supported. Memory foam mattresses have said to affect especially those with back and neck pains.

Second, the best memory foam mattress is shock absorbent. This means that if one person were to get up before their partner, there wouldn’t be any chance of their partner feeling their movements, allowing everyone to receive the proper amount of sleep.

Finally, memory foam mattresses are just plain comfy! Despite all the advanced science and chemical enhancements, the memory foam is soft, pleasant to the touch, and safe for the whole family!

Whether it is a lack of sleep, an injury, or an early riser with a lazy partner, a memory foam mattress can improve anyone’s sleep, and who wouldn’t want that? After all, the best part of waking up is knowing sleep is only 12 hours away.